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EgisTec Launches myWinlocker 3, Making Encryption Simple and Reliable

TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 26, 2008 EgisTec, an emerging provider of advanced software security solutions, today announced the release of myWinlocker 3, a powerful data encryption software tool with over 10 million installations worldwide. myWinlocker 3 features an easy and intuitive user interface, powerful AES-256 algorithm encryption, a convenient personal security disk, as well as a Windows Vista sidebar gadget.

"myWinlocker 3 is designed for users who want to have an easy yet powerful data encryption tool to protect their important files both for personal or office use,” said EgisTec. “We wanted to deliver an encryption tool that was accessible by both new computer users and power users, and we have achieved that with myWinlocker 3. Everyone can trust that our latest product will keep their important files secure."

Key features of myWinlocker 3 Plus include:

AES 256-bit File Encryption – Encrypt files and files in a folder without any size restrictions. The adopted AES-256 technology is the same encryption technology used by the FBI, NASA, and the Department of Defense to protect their data.
PSD (Personal Security Disk) - Store and hide important files in a secure virtual disk. No more password inquiry required when users put files into PSD to be auto-encrypted.
myWinlocker Sidebar Gadget - Drag & drop files onto the sidebar gadget for quick and easy encryption or decryption, or directly drag files onto the sidebar gadget PSD icon.
Convenient Self-decrypting File Sharing - Share protected files with friends that do not have a decryption tool installed.
Intuitive User Interface – Perform encryption tasks easily through the myWinlocker console, Windows right-click menu, Windows Explorer toolbar, or the myWinlocker sidebar gadget.
Password Assistant – Use the secure online backup system to store the myWinlocker encryption password. Customers can contact the EgisTec customer service to retrieve the encryption password.
DSS (Desktop Search Security) – Designed to keep encrypted files from being indexed and stored by desktop search tools. It works with popular applications such as Google Desktop.

More information about myWinlocker 3 Plus please visit:
Pricing and Availability

myWinlocker 3 Plus is available now as a download from the EgisTec eStore at The suggested retail price for download versions is US$39.95 (US and Canada). myWinlocker 3 Plus includes all of the features in myWinlocker 3 but without the file size and PSD restrictions.

myWinlocker 3 is available now as a free download at This product will provide 500 MBs of space for the PSD and the convenience of being able to encrypt files up to 10 MBs in size without any time restrictions.

About EgisTec Inc.

EgisTec specializes in integrated turnkey data encryption and biometric fingerprint solutions with an emphasis on software usability. By implementing support for multiple fingerprint sensors and Trusted Platform Modules, EgisTec software provides a set of security tools that meet the diverse requirements of the global PC and mobile markets.

Since 2006, EgisTec turnkey solutions have been bundled with over 10 million PC and mobile product lines worldwide and are distributed in over twenty languages. In addition to the existing collaboration with global OEM companies, EgisTec is extending business with other leading suppliers of PC and mobile devices. EgisTec aims ultimately to be the security software brand withthe largest user base in the world. The company’s headquarter is located in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices in the US and China.


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