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Learn how to optimize the benefits of EgisTec products.

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BioExcess™ With BioExcess's fingerprint authentication as a pre-requisite, your data and files are always protected. You can store important passwords in Password Bank, conduct effortless auto-website launching through SwipeOne® and save time through Finger Launch. Click Here
BioProtection Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution is equipped with Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), Password Bank, FingerLaunch, FingerNav, and more. Click Here
EgisTec Shredder EgisTec Shredder provides you with a quick and easy-to-use user interface when shredding your important files. Using the same shredding algorithm as the Department of Defense, your confidential files are permanently erased in a fast and secured manner. The right click context menu allows you shred files quickly and conveniently. Click Here
myWinlocker myWinlocker utilizes advanced encryption technologies to easily password protect your files. Make sure no one knows the location of your private files by storing them in the invisible Yo-Safe. Furthermore, the self-decrypting feature enables you to freely share files with your friends! Click Here
Port Locker Port Locker is a data protection software application that reduces the risk of data leakage and data theft by locking and blocking USB ports from unauthorized data access via pen drives, memory cards, flash drives etc. It also restricts unauthorized printing and data transfer through the network. Click Here
UniQFace UniQFace is a biometric PC access application that enables users to login to their PC by using the most advanced face recognition technology. The user's image will be captured by the camera, matched against the registered profile and identified by the application in less than 2 seconds. UniQFace also allows the user to register up to 5 different faces or environments and track unauthorised login attempts by hijackers. It's a simple, convenient yet highly secured way to log in! Click Here
VITAKEY VITAKEY is a powerful solution, providing you with computer protection, password bank, finger launch, and more. Click Here