Enrolling a New Fingerprint

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Operating Procedures:

1.Open System Settings and switch to the Fingerprint Management page.


2.Select a blinking finger by clicking on it.


3.You will see six fingerprint capture boxes; the finger you need to enroll will be marked yellow. Please swipe your fingers across the sensor, one at a time. If the system detects a bad fingerprint sample, you will be prompted to re-swipe your finger.


4.The above process will be repeated several times until the system has captured enough features for the current fingerprint. The enrollment process will be completed, and the result of the enrollment will be denoted by the large icon on the right.


5.If the enrollment process failed, you will be notified with a red cross. The enrollment process will restart once again automatically.


6.Finish the enrollment by clicking OK, or repeat the above process to enroll another finger.
7.You may also abort the enrollment process by clicking the 2 button during enrollment.

8.   If you are not familiar with operating the fingerprint sensor, click the 3 button for a short video tutorial.