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Security With Your Biometric Features

BioExcess allows you to secure your computer in an easy and convenient manner! With fingerprint authentication as a pre-requisite, your data and files are always protected. You can store important passwords in the Online Accounts Management, conduct effortless auto-launching to your social networks and other websites through SwipeOne and save time via the Application Launcher.

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Why do I need BioExcess?

PC login is easier, faster and safer!
The common way to login to your PC is with an account ID and password. This may not provide the highest level of security as PC thieves can easily break in and steal your data. Your fingerprints are unique and therefore this method of authentication prevents unauthorized access in an easier, faster and safer way.

Confidential data can be encrypted and stored in an invisible storage space!
Not only can you customize access to your PC, using multi-factor authentication, your data can be further secured with data encryption and storage in an invisible secure disk.

Optimum efficiency through time-saving features!
You will be amazed how much time you save from the moment you log into your PC. Swipe your finger and you can auto-login to your favorite website, open your working document and start your chat program all at once. With BioExcess, you can do so much more!

Product Features

Identification Features
Biometric PC Log On: Logon to PC securely by using fingerprint or password.
Fast User Switch (FUS): Switch easily between users with fingerprint for PCs with multiple users.
Convenience Features
SwipeOne: Combining Application Launcher and Online Accounts Management features, users can auto-logon to websites with a swipe of the finger. Easy, fast and convenient!
Application Launcher (Finger Launcher): Users can set browsers and applications to be launched by specific fingers.
Online Accounts Management (Password Bank): Store IDs and Passwords of favorite websites securely. No more need to memorize passwords.
Multi-Launcher: Save time and effort by launching your favorite website, email and chat programs simultaneously with just one swipe.
Security Features
Multi-factor Authentication: Variable authentication option through fingerprint or password.
Secure Drive (Personal Secure Disk)*: Hide encrypted private files in a totally invisible personal secure disk. Swipe finger to open Secure Drive.
File Encryption*: Encrypt sensitive data using AES encryption algorithm technology for added security during attachments or transfers.
Other Features
Data Backup & Restore: Conveniently perform backup & restore functions without the trouble and inconvenience from system recovery measures.
Vista and Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget: Provide instant access to Secure Drive (Yo-Safe) and file encryption/decryption on your desktop. Just drag & drop files onto the gadget.
Multi-sensor support: BioExcess supports EgisTec SS501, EgisTec SS801U, EgisTec ES603