Lock your private files. Provide invisible drive.
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Take Control of Your Privacy!

myWinlocker utilizes advanced encryption technologies to easily password protect your files. Make sure no one knows the location of your private files by storing them in the invisible Yo-Safe. Furthermore, the self-decrypting feature enables you to freely share files with your friends!

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Learn how to find easy steps to maximize the use of our product. Our tips will take you step-by-step throughout the whole procedure making it easy for you follow and understand.
Add myWinlocker Sidebar Gadget on desktop for easy access
First of all please ensure that you have Windows Sidebar on your desktop, if not, please follow the steps below...(view details)

Create a Yo-Safe™ for storing your data
During the initial myWinlocker Setup, a personal secure disk will be created with the default Yo-Safe™ configuration...(view details)

Secure a file in a quick and easy way
By right-clicking on the file you'd like to encrypt, you need to input a password and then the file is protected...(view details)

Drag & drop files for encryption and decryption
With the myWinlocker sidebar gadget, you can drag & drop files to encrypt or decrypt...(view details)

Share encrypted files with friends and family
Select the "File-Sharing Password" when encrypting a file and share it with your friends...(view details)

Encrypt many files at once with batch mode encryption
By selecting batch files in Windows Explorer you can encrypt all the files in the folder with one click...(view details)