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Our Sensor

Small, Reliable, and with High Performance

Lens Type Fingerprint Sensor Technology

The Egis’s optical fingerprint sensor technology, when a finger touches the screen, the optical technology under the screen will illuminate the image of the fingerprint’s concave and convex patterns (peaks and valleys) for software identification, and use algorithms to learn and memorize fingerprint images.

The Egis Lens Type Fingerprint Sensor


Suitable for full screen mobile phone screen

Applicable to online financial payment applications

Suitable for middle and high-end mobile phones

Can Unlock your phone safety by different finger’s status

Capacitive Fingerprint Technology

Our company uses capacitive fingerprint technology to sense the change in trace capacitance generated by the irregular lines in fingerprints when the finger touches the sensor. It then calculates the capacitor array variation to restructure the fingerprint’s image.

The Egis Side Mount Capacitive Sensor


Side mount placement enables smart navigation

Integration as home button OR side power button

Fast unlock black screen
High speed SPI interface

Enables one hand operation on a large screen phone


Fast Enrollment and Authentication Processes


Egis’s products can effortlessly scrutinize a fingerprint to authenticate and verify the identity of the user with the absolute highest degree of confidence. In the current market, this fingerprint touch sensor module has one of the fastest enrollment and authentication processes available. It can even read various fingerprint conditions, such as wet or dry fingerprints.

Leader of fingerprint sensors

Top performance of FAR / FRR

High level security


Low power consumption

Support Trust Zone

Environmentally Friendly

360-degree use


The combination of these factors yields a state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication and verification system capable of delivering maximum performance with 360-degree use – all rolled up into a tiny module operating with low power consumption.